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Te Wai Maori

Freshwater Fisheries
Conference 2019

The vulnerability of our taonga freshwater species to a changing climate

Sheridan Waitai

Of Ngāti Kuri descent, Sheridan grew up in Te Hikuo te Ika Northern region of New Zealand and has contributed to environmental, social, education and health initiatives across the country. She has 20 years’ experience working in the public sector and iwi development.Sheridan has become a resource person to a number of people and initiatives and has inherited her late grandmother Saana Murray’s passion for the welfare of ngā Taonga I Tuku Iho. She continues this work as the lead for the WAI262 claim and has participated in a number of boards and has experience in the management of forums and governance strategy groups. Sheridan has a clear understanding of legislation and the policy environment in relation to indigenous issues. Sheridan is a servant for her iwi and a strong advocate for the Rangitāhua proposed Sanctuary (KermadecIslands) and coordinates a range of relationships for Te Moananui a Hivaa collective of Islands nations and scientists in the Pacific Continent to create more marine reserves. More locally she founded Taiātea-a collective of ocean voices that put mana whenua at the heart of sustainable ocean solutions.

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Sheridan Waitai l